Take a Look At All That The Carmine Has to Offer

A Gallery of all the Carmine's Features

  • A digital rendering of a furnished bedroom in The Carmine. The walls, furniture, and headboard are white. There is a white ottoman against the dresser, and a grey and white checkered area rug under the bed. The room has three white doors with black fixtures and a calming ocean skyline painting hangs on the wall above the bed.
  • A digital rendering of The Carmine's bathroom. The walls, tub, and shower are white. The floor and cabinetry is a neutral earth tone with black modern fixtures
  • A digital rendering of a furnished kitchen in The Carmine. The kitchen is in white and light grey tones with black fixtures. Features include a stainless steel fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher.
  • A digital rendering of The Carmine's amenity room lounge. There are a series of brown chairs seated in a conversation style setting with a white marble fireplace feature wall in the background
  • A digital rendering of the amenity lounge fireplace area in The Carmine. The fireplace is on a white marble feature wall. In front of it are four modern white lounge chairs with a wooden coffee table in the center.
  • A digital rendering of the Carmine fitness center. The floor is covered in a muted grey carpet, and the walls are wood-panelled. The render features a treadmill, three bikes, and a weight machine.
  • A digital rendering of a furnished living room in the Carmine. The living room is neutral in color with white walls, carpet, and sofa. A wall mounted TV faces opposite of the sofa. A brown coffee table features a candle, magazine, and houseplant. The living room leads off to the kitchen shown in the background.

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